DIY Accountability

Who has a DIY project planned for the weekend?

Friday is typically the day we agree on how much time we want to spend working on the house and plan our honey-do’s. Lately we’ve been wishing for the days of shiplap paneling, smooth sailing closet organization, or planting new flowers! Smaller and less complicated projects are just easier to get motivated for.  With our kitchen we have hit so many roadblocks and completed countless tedious tasks that quite frankly, we are burnt out.

For example, Michael installed a dimmer switch for our kitchen last night, only to find that it causes the lights to buzz. When we researched after installing the switch, we found out that we are doing one of three things:

  • We are trying to run too much wattage through the switch which means we need to buy a fancier, more expensive dimmer.
  • The switch isn’t made to dim our LED lights so again, we will have to buy a pricier switch.
  • The LED lights we installed are not made to dim, in which case we cannot dim them at all. If this is the reality we are going to live with the brighter lights because we are NOT replacing those LEDs; they were a pain for M to install.

See what I mean? What should be easy breezy turned into a multi-day project. One day we’ll outline all of the hurdles we encountered so you can avoid our pitfalls, but the key is to do your research beforehand.

This weekend is focused on the small details. Here’s our Hustle:

  • Fix the dimmer switch issue outlined above
  • Sheetrock to prep for our painter to repair texture damage from the support beam we installed
  • Install the side panels around the stove
  • Install the vent hood (!!!)
  • Reorder the correct microwave trim kit
  • Cut, prime, and paint our Rev-a-Shelf doors

If we accomplish this pipe dream, then we are truly in the homestretch!  DIY is tough, so it’s important for you to stop and give yourself a break. Getting into a rut or being demotivated is expected, so switch things up and focus on other tasks to keep you going. A trip to Lowe’s or Home Depot can go a long way too; it’s a change of scenery and you get to pick up supplies!

xo, D

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