Weekend Hustle Update

Happy Monday all! I hope your weekends were full fun and some DIYing. As promised, here is an update on our weekend Hustle:

Fix the dimmer switch issue – Last week I outlined three different reasons that might be causing the buzz, none of which turned out to be the issue. On Sunday I went to our Home Depot and talked to a sales associate (Gus) about it, and the very first question he asked was “what brand of LED did you buy?”

When we first replaced our lights we opted to purchase a highly rated, budget multi-pack so we would have enough to update the master bath lighting. Needless to say, when you throw in the complexity of a dimmer switch it sends our less expensive LEDs into a frenzy. The solution Gus gave us was to bring those lights back and purchase a set of Cree lights. Cree is essentially the creator of LED lighting and accordingly sells the best product on the market. Despite my post last week and my firm stance of living with the brighter lighting, we are going to go ahead and replace the kitchen lights. M decided he wants to install the original set we purchased in the garage. Here is the Cree product I’m currently considering.

Our DIY lesson: Verify with a product expert that you’re making the best product choice; that’s what they are there for!

Sheetrock to prep for our painter to repair texture damage from the support beam we installed – Done, and it already looks like a million bucks!

Install the side panels around the stove – See below

Install the vent hood – Of all of our Hustle items I was most excited to finally install the vent hood. You’ll see on my Instagram I posted a “before” photo of our mounting measurements, followed by M holding the vent hood after we took it down. We got through the entire install and realized that the corner cabinet door did not have enough clearance to open. Call me a beginner, but it was really one of those “smack my head” moments. I had measured that space a million times to ensure the hood and range were centered, but I had neglected to measure the hood depth.

Of course I’m disappointed that we weren’t able to check it off our Hustle, but this roadblock was really a blessing in disguise. Once it was mounted I honestly didn’t like the industrial look; it doesn’t quite fit in with our more transitional style. I didn’t even take a picture! In lieu of a stainless hood we are opting to build our own custom design and purchase a recirculating insert. Here are few inspo photos M and I pulled from Pinterest; I love the sleek plaster designs and ledges for cutting boards.

Our DIY lesson: 1) Measure all angles and remember to check for clearance. 2) It’s okay to change your mind!

Reorder the correct microwave trim kit – We did not reorder, but we did return.

Cut, prime, and paint our Rev-a-Shelf doors – Done! M has another coat of paint to do, but you can see how amazing they look already.

Rev-a-Shelf Panel

Even with the vent hood roadblock we were able to unpack the remaining kitchen boxes and put the dining room back together. We’re still making progress!

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