Patio Plans & Design Hustle #3

This week we are starting to plan our new patio project! Granted we haven’t finished the kitchen, some of the work is being done by our friend Cory who works for Precision Pavers here in the Dallas/DFW area. The goal is to create two outdoor living spaces for dining and lounge. Currently we have a large enclosed sunroom and a small amount of patio that you can see below. The space is narrow, but has a surprising amount of potential.

Yes, that is a barricade for Little Ann who likes to bark at the wrought iron fence. 

Long View

First and foremost, we are removing the windows from the sunroom and making it a covered living space. If you’ve ever had a sunroom you know just how nonfunctional they can be, not to mention a bit smelly with the Texas heat. This will become our new outdoor dining area with a table that can seat six.   Here is our inspiration from Young House Love! We also plan to lay pavers at the front (and build a board-on-board fence) since this is a challenging area to grow grass because Little Ann tracks through there looking for alley cats.

To create a place to lounge we are laying pavers about ten feet farther, just past the three office windows. Here we will put a love seat, lounge chair, small chiminea, an accent chair (it’s to die for!), and our grill. I know the space looks small, but we’ve spent a great deal of time mapping it out!

Patio Extension

And here is what I have been most excited to share with you; Design Hustle #3! I have to be honest that I broke my one hour time limit putting it together Sunday night. Not all of these will make it onto our patio, but this is the look and feel we want to achieve. Michael and I are so impatient to have this new space to spend our evenings and weekends. Sources are linked below; enjoy!


  1. Dining Chairs (CB2; Rex Open Weave Chair SALE $59.95E)
  2. Dining Table (West Elm; Dexter Expandable Table $599)
  3. Table Runner (Etsy; Indigo Shibori $48-$70)
  4. Vase (Crate & Barrel; Kora White Vase $59.95)
  5. Vase (CB; Rati Vase $24.95)
  6. Vase (CB; Adra Vase $39.95)
  7. String Lights (Rejuvenation; 20 Cargo String Lights $179 per strand)
  8. Love Seat (World Market; Wood Praiano Outdoor Bench $399.99)
  9. Pillow (WM; Macrame & Wood Bead Pillow $26.24E)
  10. Pillow (Etsy; Indigo Mud Cloth Print $24-$35E)
  11. Pillow (Etsy; Geometric Mud Cloth Print $24-$53E)
  12. Chairs (WM; Girona Accent Chairs Set of 2 $399.98)

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