Installing IKEA Toe Kicks

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Yesterday evening Michael finished installing our cabinet toe kicks, wahoo! Because we opted to go with Semihandmade cabinet doors rather than the IKEA system, we custom fit our own toe kicks. We did this for two reasons, 1) we didn’t want to pay to have boards shipped with our door order, 2) the toe kicks needed their own coat of paint and cut to size anyways.

The IKEA system is typically extremely easy to use; here is how the process usually works:

Since our toe kicks do not have this groove to slide into, Michael had to be creative to install them.

  1. To create a “toe kick base,” M attached the standard IKEA clips to a scrap piece of wood using a nail gun and 5/8″ nail.
  2. After attaching the clips he was able to quickly snap the base onto the cabinet legs.
  3. After measuring (twice), M cut the painted toe kick and attached it to the base with a 1″ 18 gauge nail.
  4. Ta-da!

Our island is already attached it to a wood base so Michael was able to skip all of these steps and just nail on the painted toe kicks.

Here is his finished product! You can also see how we carried the island cover panels all the way to the floor. As much as I love the new trendy waterfall counter tops, we just couldn’t afford that splurge. This was a nice compromise!

I also wanted to share the tools that Michael used for this project:

The best time to buy power tools is during Black Friday. We did not pay full price for any of these. Check out this beast…

Miter Saw

Next up are the remaining cover panels and crown molding. TBD on when we will finish those :). If you have any questions let us know!

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