A Patio Update

Hi all!

It’s been far took long since we have provided any sort of update on our home projects. Between birthdays, family visits, and day-to-day life things have been a bit hectic. This past weekend we made some serious progress on our standing “honey do’s,” particularly for the patio! I thought I would take today to show you our progress, share about our purchases, and future plans. But first, take a peek at the before in our first post about the patio project. The first thing you probably noticed is that the aggregate concrete has been replaced with gorgeous new pave stone. Here’s a closer look at the after!

The Sofa & Lounge Chair:  Michael and I looked high and low for patio furniture that was comfortable and reasonable. Most of the options we found at our Home Depot and Lowe’s were more traditional wicker-like outdoor furniture; not quite our style. If you follow the chrislovesjulia.com blog you’ll know they have two amazing outdoor sofas that they love, that in the end fit our bill best too. The Praiano Outdoor Collection from World Market is comfy, modern, and they were 30% off! To make sure the white cushions stay looking fresh we used an outdoor Scotchguard that waterproofs the fabric. I did use one entire bottle to cover the sofa and chair cushions, but so far even our crepe myrtle blooms haven’t left a mark. We also sprayed the wood frames with a clear Thompson sealant to protect them from the sun and weather. The pillows are all World Market: blue kilim, macrame and wood bead,  gold lumbar.

The White Chairs:  Part of our design was to have several seating areas to maximize the narrow strip of patio. Think about a resort; typically there are small nooks for you to snuggle up in which is the feeling we wanted for our own backyard. I’m sorry to say that our version of the Girona chair is no longer available, but the dining chair is just as beautiful.  These I hand brushed with the Thompson sealer to avoid covering the plastic seat bottoms and back.

The Swingasan:  Alright, this is my absolute FAVORITE part of the new patio. Michael is amazing and agreed to buy me a Pier 1 Swingasan; I’ve been wishing for it for forever. It was not cheap, and he will probably never get a turn to sit in it, but it is the most comfortable piece of furniture we own in my opinion. The dogs also like to sit up front so I’ve enjoyed reading and watching them in the evenings.



Lighting:  Our patio was extremely dark so we added and updated a few new light fixtures to brighten up the space. We purchased two of these coach lights, a motion sensor LED, two sets of string lights, and a small fan for the sunroom. The string lights were an awesome Target clearance find. The quality seems top notch and they give off the perfect amount of light. The small fan in the sunroom works perfectly above our round dining table, but it does not circulate the air for the entire space. If your looking for serious air flow this is not the fan for you! One nice feature is that is comes with a remote to dim the lights or change the fan speed; Edison light bulbs were also included. The jury is still out on the motion sensor LED… we’ve been adjusting the angle to pick up the dogs walking by with little success.

Beating the Bugs:  Now that we finally have the space, we were able to pull the chiminea out of storage. Michael found it on the “magic curb” during bulk trash pick up a couple of years ago. It isn’t perfect and has a few cracks, but a quick coat of Rust-Oleum high heat spray gave it a little face lift. Anytime we are painting something for outdoors I use high heat paint to combat the Texas sun. Once you pop in a few pieces of pinion wood the mosquitoes tend to buzz off. We also have these TIKI torches, a Patio Egg, Skeeter Sticks, and best of all two of these bug zappers. If you are curious about the bug zappers check out the reviews for a good laugh.


What’s Next:  The sunroom is still under construction and will likely stay that way until the fall. Summers in Texas do not lend themselves to big outdoor projects and this will definitely be a big one! One of the near term projects we plan to tackle is a trellis or mini pergola. You can see in a few of the string light photos above that the small metal posts we installed bow due to the weight of our lights. Michael came up with the great idea to build a small pergola wall to attach them to that will also fill in the awkward space between the patio and our neighbor’s home. Take a look at our Pinterest board to see what we are envisioning.

If you have any questions about the products we purchased let us know!

xo, md


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