About Us

While I’m sure most of you are our closest friends, we’d like to share just a bit about ourselves.

On Michael 

Michael was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, but grew up as a transplant Texan in the Plano suburbs near Dallas. As a member of an Italian/Polish family, Michael is a loyal son and knows the meaning of hard work. When he isn’t DIY side hustling, he’s running a three-person business in the semi conductor industry alongside his parents. While self employment may seem like a blessing, if he isn’t working nothing is getting done!

Just like his father (and Deni’s dad), Michael is a car enthusiast. Expect to see a few car maintenance DIYs penned by him!

On Deni 

Deni is a born Texan who grew up in many cities across the US (San Antonio, Detroit, Harlingen, Nashville, Plano). As an only child, Deni is close to her family and followed in her father’s footsteps working for a Texas bred airline. Can you guess which one? When she isn’t supporting her beloved workgroup, she’s dreaming and planning the next home DIY.

Like her mother, Deni believes in Southern Hospitality (thank you notes and butter on the table) and shares a passion for cars like Michael and her dad. I wouldn’t expect any car tips from her though…

On Them 

M&D met their sophomore year of high school in the school parking lot. Michael drove a  red Mustang Cobra and Deni insisted a close friend make the introductions. After spending their college and early career years together, M&D tied the knot on September 26, 2014. Today they live in Dallas (no, not Dallas proper) with Little Ann and Miller their two blue Aussies.

Elisha J. Brusseau

Photo by Jenny & Eddie Martell 

What’s a Side Hustle? 

If you aren’t familiar with the “side hustle,” hustle on over to our dear friends’ website, Chirp Research, for  a full explanation.

Our Photos

Any of the professional photos you see on our blog are from Jenny & Eddie Martell. If you are on the lookout for a phenomenal lifestyle photographer we can’t recommend them enough!